National Safe Work Month

Safe Work

October has come around again and with it the annual campaign ‘National Safe Work Month’ – a time to focus on building safer workplaces and raise awareness about WHS in Australian working communities.

This campaign has been brought to us by Safe Work Australia – a government organisation that was established in 2008 to develop national policy and guidance for WHS and workers’ compensation.

Since the inception of this organisation, the rate of work related fatalities and compensation claims have steadily declined. However, work related injury and disease costs Australian tax-payers $61.8 billion in a year, so there is still more that we could do to make our workplaces safer.

“Creating safe and healthy work environments is very important to us here at NTS and we commit to the highest standards on all our worksites and in our office,” said Managing Director of NTS, Shane Conlon.

“To help focus our teams during the month of October, we will be sharing what workplace safety means through a collection of photos to identify WH&S risks and we will work together,  as a team, to resolve and remove these ongoing risks.”