User Technology is all about the user experience.

User technology and project design will always aim to remove the
road blocks to working efficiently from anywhere.

Our goal is to enhance your network infrastructure and enable
efficient work practices and working environments.

Telephony / Telephone Systems

Operating since 1999 in this solution sector means we have managed lots of change as systems moved from analog to digital and then to IP over the years.

Our experienced team have kept pace with all new technologies and we have successfully helped organisations transition between technologies.

  • Installation and support of network switches and telephone systems
  • Quality and detailed records to ensure easy maintenance
  • Reliable system solutions that make moves, adds and changes easy and cost effective to achieve


Audio Visual (AV) and Video Conferencing

Audio Visual (AV) and Video Conferencing enable team collaboration and communication from anywhere and at any time.

Technology ensures real time communication with your teams and business management.

  • We design, supply install and can maintain systems
  • Multiple platforms
  • Vendor agnostic
  • We look for best customer solution and tailor accordingly
  • We are flexible and have worked with a variety of partners and systems