With over 20 years industry experience, NTS provides trusted Building Technology solutions that can be tailored to the specific needs of your business, associated buildings and locations.

The goal is to ensure your systems are integrated and can grow into the future with your business.

NTS partner with key industry partners leading in this sector and can share with you all the benefits.

Electronic Security

For all electronic security NTS can design, install, document and maintain as well as decommission.

Although electronic security and telecommunications were once worlds apart in the electro-technology world, convergence has brought these two technologies together so that they are now almost indistinguishable from each other.

Thanks to our long association with electronic security, from Intercoms to CCTV, Intruder Detection to Access Control, we have the skill, knowledge and experience to design, programme and install high end and complex systems that carry the same guarantee of excellence.

Experience and knowledge with a variety of technologies:
  • Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) to monitor the movement of people on a site
  • Intercom including facilitating validated visitor entry, voice/audio only vs video, integration to smart phones, and other security systems (e.g. CCTV and Access Control)
  • Intruder Detection electronically monitors all building entry points and spaces
  • 24 hour monitoring and reporting of alarm events plus mobile patrols
  • Access Control involves the controlling and reporting of movement of people on a site and facilitates emergency evacuation (e.g. card readers, bio-metric readers, and smart phones)
Building Management

Electronic Building Management maintains efficient operations of all building systems and can identify problems early to reduce costs and waste.

  • Leak Detection & Environment Smart Devices detect water leaks through a site and they nominate the leak position and report back to the Building Management systems
  • Building Management System – monitoring and reporting on HVAC systems
  • Energy Management – lighting control and occupancy sensors
IoT (Internet of Things)

The IoT (Internet of Things) incorporates smart buildings, sensors, data, aggregation and analytics to enable informed business decisions and strategic planning.

Future systems need to address the future in respect of technology advancements and the mobility of workers with multiple and portable devices.

Capabilities include
  • Connecting all important processes and business ingredients with smart sensors and management systems via smart phones  
  • Agile capturing and aggregating mass data for real time building and business analytics  
  • Smart Buildings are a bleeding edge technology integration movement in the built environment based on the growing development of cloud computing and data management 
  • A smart building links multiple data source inputs and user types into a cloud of useful information to create a more efficient, effective and engaging workplace  
  • Sensors come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be tailored to the application and common to all is cloud connectivity to the outside world e.g. wi-fi  
  • Data Acquisition – sensors send information back into the central building management system and can be set up for a variety of tasks e.g. Temp probes, leak probes, vibration, noise, energy consumption, people location,   
  • Aggregation and analytics provide a variety of information in a variety of formats e.g. heat maps, people mapping locations, temperature variations and trends, energy usage and trends by location, AI – predictive forecasting (Einstein), lighting control