Customer Need

  • Although LAN remediation was completed for NSW correctional centres in 2011, certain Correctional Centres were out of scope at that time.
  • Due to ageing and end of life infrastructure, as well as non-compliance with the Department of Justice LAN & Telecommunications standards, the LAN environment at one particular Correctional Centre required remediation.
  • It was critical that this LAN Remediation work, which included replacement of network infrastructure, was completed. This would ensure that the site complied with the Department of Justice LAN & Telecommunications Cabling standards, and would resolve significant IC&T user performance issues.

NTS Solution

  • Apply previously-developed LAN Standard to the site and remediate existing LAN and infrastructure accordingly. NTS was a key partner in the development of the LAN Standard utilised by NSW Department of Justice (via the original LAN Remediation Program).
  • Project management of all works assigned to NTS and liaise with all customer and third-party stakeholders to ensure all relevant milestones and budgets are satisfactorily delivered.
  • Remediate infrastructure for each site according to the approved design, including:
    • Installation of active equipment.
    • Installation of communications racks.
    • Relocation of WAN / Extranet equipment.
    • Installation of backbone and horizontal cabling.
    • Removal and secure disposal of old switches, hubs and communications racks.
    • Installation of new dedicated circuits to communications racks (where required).
    • Installation of voice tie cables from existing IDFs to new communications racks.


  • The customer is now enjoying the benefits of a scalable, high performance, resilient, fault-tolerant and manageable network that has significantly improved user experience, reduced operational expenditure on break/fix issues and will reduce capital expenditure on upgrades to suit emerging technologies.
  • NTS were awarded 39/40 delivery rating for this project with the customer also commenting on the high quality of our work.