Customer Need

The Customer’s Sydney site had an aging 16-camera analogue CCTV system that no longer met their needs. This system was past end of life for support, which means it represented an increased risk of negatively impacting the Customer should the system have failed.

In addition, the recorded coverage of the CCTV system needed to be expanded to include the customer service area. As this area is where sensitive paperwork and transactions are undertaken, the Customer required increased security for each service desk through digital vision.

NTS Solution

Design and Construct a solution to upgrade infrastructure and equipment to a digital environment and provide an additional 16 cameras in the sensitive area.

Leverage knowledge, experience, certifications and manufacturers’ support for solution design to ensure customer needs are met by solution.

Network design to support new digital CCTV solution, including cabling and certification.

Assume responsibility for project management of all works assigned to NTS, and liaise with customer stakeholders to ensure all relevant milestones are satisfactorily delivered. These milestones include:

  • Decommission and removal of existing analogue cameras, system and cabling
  • Installation of Panduit certified network cabling
  • Provision and installation of communications rack
  • Installation of 32 IP CCTV cameras (Manufacturer certified installation)
  • Installation of Network Video Recorder (NVR)
  • NVR configuration to record and store footage to Customer’s requirements
  • Configuration of live feed to manager’s office via digital to analogue converter
  • Configuration of interface to corporate network for playback / viewing


The Customer is now enjoying the benefits of a digital, scalable, high performance CCTV System that delivers improved security throughout the site and has significantly improved user experience in terms of viewing, playing-back and storing footage.

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