The Key to AV


AV (audio visual) is everywhere. It’s in our boardrooms, classrooms, theatres, lecture halls, and even our living rooms. But what goes into designing a good AV system?

Well, first you need to carefully consider both the customer’s particular space and need. Of course, every design and installation project, whether it is for a security system or structured cabling, requires this. But AV projects, if they are to be done well, demand something else as well. They demand a keen focus on ‘user experience’.

Of course, user experience is also important in other areas of technology solutions. The operability of a technology is perhaps as important as its functionality. But while the user experience of other technologies is largely centred around utility and efficiency, for AV solutions there is more to user experience than that. There are also the matters of usability and aesthetics.

An AV system should not only do what it needs to do, but should also make optimal use of a space, be easy to use and look professional. A system like that does not come out of a catalogue or off the shelf. A system like that must be designed specifically for the customer. It must be tailored.

Recently, we completed an AV project for a customer who had a very specific need. The space in question was two briefing rooms that could be converted into one large training room if and when required by opening an operable wall. So we designed the AV system to suit this space. While the partition wall is closed, the AV system in each room operates independently. But open the wall and the two systems become one, joining the audio zones so sound flows through the large room, and mirroring the video so all screens present the same source.

When delivering technology solutions with excellence, there is no ‘one size fits all’. At NTS, we believe in providing bespoke solutions to our customers.

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