Thank You for 2019

Thanks for 2019

From the NTS family, we wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a safe and prosperous New Year. As we enter the festive season, perhaps now is a good time to reflect on the year that has been, with thanks to all those who made it such a significant year.
For us, 2019 began quite wonderfully, with an opportunity to collaborate with numerous generous organizations and individuals to fill a shipping container with donated resources for a school in Papua New Guinea.

In January, boxes of stationery and teacher resources, brand new office and classroom furniture, first aid supplies, and more were loaded into the container. To this, NTS contributed equipment and instructions to set up the school’s network. Here I’d particularly like to thank our technology partners, D-Link Australia Pty Ltd, Cable Source Pty Ltd and Electrocraft Pty Ltd, whose tremendous generosity made NTS’s contribution possible.

In June, we saw one of our Flagship Technology Projects delivered, the new Mount Druitt Police Station. Our dedicated Delivery and Solutions Teams worked tirelessly to deliver this project with a high degree of excellence, winning glowing accolades from the Kane Constructions and BGIS Project Managers.

We saw another Flagship Technology Project delivered in July, with the conclusion of Transport for NSW’s Network Uplift programme. For this project, we established a dedicated Project Team within NTS, who worked closely with our Delivery and Solutions Teams. They managed to overcome the many significant hurdles that arose throughout the project and delivered above and beyond customer expectations, with much praise from the TfNSW project team. Sadly, we had to farewell most of the people that were engaged for this Project Team but we do wish to honour and thank them all for their time with us and thank everyone for their sterling efforts to deliver such a significant project for NTS.

This year also brought us the opportunity to extend our business and provide better service to our customers; in August, we adopted KBS Electric into the NTS Family. This was an important decision for us because as our efforts increased on larger projects, we found our service offering was becoming depleted. However, with the addition of Joe and Ben from KBS, and the engagement of our dedicated Service Team Manager, Rodney, we are better able to deliver excellence to our valued customers.

For us, 2019 was quite a milestone. February marked 20 years since my wife Fiona and I started NTS. As we celebrated “20 Years of Excellence” this year, Fiona and I were both reminded of how incredibly blessed we are to work with such a dedicated Team and how privileged we are to serve our customers who provide us with so many opportunites and continually place their trust in us.

So, thank you once again for 2019. It’s been a great year and we look forward to working with you again in 2020 and beyond!

Shane Conlon