Stronger Together


It’s hard to believe that only a little over two months ago the lockdowns began. On the rare occasion I watch a TV show or movie, I can’t help but be struck by the images of bustling streets, of restaurants and cafés full of people, of offices bursting with life and activity. It’s almost like peering into another world.

And in a way, it is.

So much has changed in the way we do life – both in our personal and professional spheres. While every change is a challenge in some way, we’ve all had the added challenge of adapting in the midst of uncertainty on a national, and even global, scale. I would be lying if I said that from the beginning of this crisis I was fully convinced NTS would be fine, that we would not be negatively impacted in some way.

But I have been heartened by the resilience and culture of the NTS Team. Like a parachute, it’s not when you have both feet firmly on the ground that you truly know or appreciate the value and strength of your business culture. It’s only when you’re freefalling and your parachute opens that you know whether or not it can carry you safely back to the ground. For us, this crisis forced us to test our culture, our values – to see whether all the time and energy we invested in them during the calm would make them strong enough to withstand the pressure of the eleventh hour.

Of course, this isn’t a perfect analogy for the success of a business during a crisis. Hard work and the convergence of opportunity and timing often have just as much to do with success as a business’s culture does. What I can say with confidence is that building a business and team around integrity, excellence and a can-do attitude did much to prepare us for the worst and, I hope, will help us through to the other side.

Although these are tough times and we aren’t through it yet, I can gratefully say that NTS is still standing and still strong. We have been blessed with numerous opportunities opening up for us at just the right moment. Thank you to our customers for providing so many ways for us to serve them during this time. Thank you to our suppliers who have continually supported us in meeting our customers’ needs. And thank you to the NTS Team, who have stepped up and doubled down. It is encouraging to see that we aren’t just a network of businesses and institutions, but a community of people doing what they can to help support each other.

As the great Winston Churchill once said, “Let us go forward together.” Stay strong, and stay safe.

Shane Conlon, NTS Managing Director