Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance

racks and cabinets

We all know reasons why shortcuts are taken; urgency, distraction, even sheer laziness. In the ICT world of racks and cabinets, shortcuts taken in response to an emergency are acceptable, so long as the rack or cabinet is tidied once the emergency has been resolved. Laziness or poor workmanship, however, should never be accepted.

A haphazard, undocumented approach to rack cabling and patching creates a proverbial ticking time bomb, just waiting to go off when you are at your most vulnerable. Imagine a scenario where a fully competent and experienced technician is tasked with tracing out a single fault during business hours and is confronted with this…

Now that well meaning and trusted technician is just a bump away from unintentionally dislodging the most vital patch in the rack and taking out the business’s entire operations.

At that stage, there is really no point in arguing about who is to blame (although that would be an interesting discussion). Rather, the pressing matter at hand becomes resolving the issue as quickly as possible.

This scenario described above should never occur, and yet often does.

Messy racks and cabinets introduce unnecessary risk to any business’s operations. However, by introducing a well thought-out, maintained and documented cabling and patching plan, you can eliminate this risk to your business.

As the adage goes: “Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance!”

NTS has been involved in many remediation projects – from half racks to multi campus networks. We’ve been called upon to exercise our expertise by auditing and rectifying scenarios such as the one above. We’ve also consulted and collaborated to produce Enterprise and Government level LAN Standards. We know this stuff. Providing network infrastructure is one of the things we do best.

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