Out With The Old

EOL products

Recently, a supplier to NTS issued an End Of Life (EOL) notice for Concept security products, and we thought we’d take this opportunity to discuss this timely issue. (More information on Concept products scheduled for EOL at the end of this article).

Obsolescence is an inevitable, if inconvenient, phase in any technology’s life. However, continuing to use EOL products creates unnecessary risks for you and your business.

When a product reaches EOL, updates and support from the manufacturer cease, according to the manufacturer’s EOL plan. Although warranties in place tend to continue for this planned period, without further firmware and software updates and bug fixes your devices become out-of-date and potentially vulnerable.

As components and service skills become scarcer, hardware breakdowns become increasingly more difficult and costly to remedy. Additionally, unsupported software can negatively impact the security integrity of a product. Less secure devices tend to be more vulnerable, and can provide an avenue for breaches and infiltrations.

In summary, as technology ages and approaches End-of-Life, it represents an increased risk to your business. Are you hanging onto old technology and unwittingly adding risk to your business?

NTS is ready for your call should you wish to discuss this topic further, arrange a service call, or perhaps start planning an upgrade, refresh or migration of your technology.

For those of you with Inner Range’s Concept products referenced in this article, please find below the notice and product listing.

There is no immediate cause for concern, whilst the availability of components may become less and the prospect of maintaining legacy systems more onerous, systems will not just stop working. These products will continue to be supported for the prerequisite 5 years.

Concept End of Life (EOL) Timeline

Over the last few years, Inner Range has experienced increasing difficulty sourcing the electrical components required to manufacture Concept 3000/4000. The architecture of Concept/Insight is now over two decades old, and its underlying technology is not economical to maintain in comparison to more modern platforms. It is under such circumstances that Inner Range proudly announces the EOL of the product to which we owe much of our success, the Concept 3000/4000.

We can guarantee that Concept will be available for the next 5 months, until the 2nd April 2019 (or later depending on stock levels).

Concept controllers, other Concept hardware modules and Insight software will all be end of life on the 2nd April 2019 however these products will continue to be supported for the prerequisite 5 years (including repairs).

List of Concept products scheduled for EOL in April 2019
  • Concept 3000/4000 Controller – all versions
  • Concept Controller UART – all versions
  • Concept Universal Expander – all versions
  • Concept Mini Expander LAN module – all versions
  • Concept plug on daughter board expansion devices including:
  • Lift Interface card
  • Versatile Relay card
  • 16 Zone plug on expander card
  • 24 Auxiliary plug on expander card
  • 8 Auxiliary plug on expander card
  • Concept 2 door LAN modules including cached and standalone versions
  • Concept Intelligent 2 door LAN module
  • Concept Intelligent 4 door LAN module
  • Plug on door and reader expansion cards to suit Intelligent 2/4 door LAN Modules
  • Concept LAN power supply – all versions
  • Concept IR-Secure 40 Reader
  • Concept Prisma Keypad
  • Insight Professional & Express Dongles
List of Concept Products that will NOT be affected by the EOL plan
  • Additional licenses for existing Insight Software
  • Concept/Integriti single door LAN module
  • Concept/Integriti Weather Proof Terminal
  • Concept/Integriti/Inception – Paradox RF LAN Module
  • Concept/Integriti Analogue LAN Module
  • Concept/Integriti Temperature Sensor device
  • Concept/Integriti LAN over Ethernet device (CLOE)
  • Concept/Integriti/Inception LAN Isolator
  • Concept/Integriti/Inception Fibre Modems (Single & Multi-mode)
  • Surge diverters, AC, LAN & PSTN
  • Universal 10Amp Relay card strip
  • Universal 1Amp Relay card
  • LAN & Power Hub devices – all versions
Source: Inner Range Pty Ltd
Image Credit: © Kadmy – stock.adobe.com