One Year On – KBS Update

One Year On - KBS Update

In August 2019, National Technical Services acquired KBS Electric. Now, a year on, it is time for us to look back and determine the success of that venture.

But first, we must recall why we acquired KBS Electric in the first place. Just as you can’t judge the effectiveness of a machine without knowing what it is for, you can’t judge the success of a business decision without first knowing the goal it was meant to achieve.

In short, our chief aim was to broaden and strengthen our service offerings and electrical capabilities for all our new and existing customers. Although NTS has always delivered electrical and service work, in recent years our focus shifted more towards telecommunications and larger projects. With the adoption of KBS Electric into the NTS family, we hoped to both bolster the service arm of our business and also expand the pool of services we are able to offer our customers.

So, did we accomplish this goal?

Well, our service department is now stronger than ever, and thanks to the dedication of our Service Manager Rodney Spedding it is a well-oiled machine. We are able to not just maintain the high quality of work KBS Electric’s customers expect, we are also able to offer them a broader range of services. Likewise, our existing customers have been able to benefit from the expertise brought in by KBS Electric’s technicians, Joe and Ben, who we are proud to have as part of the NTS Team.

In fact, there have been even more positive results from this venture. For instance, expanding our electrical capabilities allowed us to offer two electrical apprenticeships at the beginning of this year. We have also been able to provide Joe and Ben with training and upskilling opportunities through the other work that we do.

As with any business venture, beyond a firm determination to succeed there is no way of knowing how successful your decision will be. A year on, we are delighted with the outcome of adopting KBS Electric into the NTS family. Through combining the wealth of experience and expertise of these two family businesses, we have been able to benefit our new and existing customers and our own team.

As we look ahead to the next 12 months, we are confident that we can build on this solid foundation and continue to deliver technology solutions with excellence for our customers.