NTS Family Adopts KBS


With our rapid growth over recent years, we’ve realised that if we are to keep delivering on our promise of excellence to our customers we need to improve our service offering. This is why it is with excitement that we announce the adoption of KBS Electric into our NTS Family.

Being long-standing family businesses that share values of honesty and dedication, NTS and KBS are a great fit in one sense because we share important commonalities in history and culture. But at the same time, we are a great fit because in the areas where NTS had some limitations the people from KBS bring a wealth of expertise and services for our customers.

“I am thrilled that we now can provide our existing customers a more robust, reliable service offering. Naturally, we are also looking forward to welcoming all KBS customers. We’re looking forward to delivering the same outstanding levels of service they are used to and offering a broader range of services,” said NTS’s Managing Director, Shane Conlon.

Since its humble beginnings in 1999, service work was for the most part the backbone of NTS. Over the years, as NTS has grown, so too has the number of large projects we have undertaken. Although, we were delighted to work with our customers on those projects, these took much of our attention away from the service side of our business. With the acquisition of KBS, however, we are able to reinvest in NTS, expanding our electrical capabilities and service department. Through this we are hoping to benefit both NTS and KBS customers.

“Improving the service arm of our business is an absolute necessity for a strong future for our customers and our staff,” Shane said.

Owner of KBS Phil Hunter is also very excited about this chapter in the 40 year life of KBS. “I am so glad to have found a great solution for my customers and staff, as I am winding down my work life. I’ve been working with the NTS Team over the past few weeks and I’m confident that everyone is in great hands.”

“When I met Phil,” added Shane, “I immediately knew that KBS was going to be a great fit to help us grow our service arm with a team of experts. We’ve also hired a dedicated full-time Service Team Manager to help bolster our services department.”

Welcome all KBS customers. We are looking forward to working with you!

Here’s to many more years of excellence!

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