Going The Extra Mile

Extra Mile

A few weeks back we told you a little about The Project We Can’t Talk About and how proud we were of what we accomplished. We often find ourselves working on projects just like that one – projects that require us to adapt and make decisions swiftly to deliver on time for our customers. For one of our more recent projects, this meant going (quite literally) the extra mile to rectify a two-and-a-half thousand-kilometre hiccup!

This time-sensitive project required us to distribute, install and commission video conferencing equipment at 20 sites across NSW. We were entering the final week of the project and all was going well. That was until we found out one of the suppliers double shipped equipment to one site, meaning one site had received nothing.

Time was not on our side. Worse still, the two sites in question were in Cooma and Broken Hill, separated by over 1,000 kilometres of country. Under different circumstances, we’d ask the supplier to issue more stock or to recover the equipment and deliver it correctly. However, stock was low and there was no guarantee a courier could get the equipment to site on time for installation.

So we rose to the challenge. Neil, one of our managers, was willing to play courier and within 48 hours was on the long road from Sydney heading West with his wife by his side. Managing to get going so quickly and travelling over the weekend meant that our stand-in courier was able to spend an additional day in Broken Hill and witness a magical Outback Sunset on the winter solstice.

First thing in the morning a few days later the equipment was collected. Our couriers hit the Silver City Highway bound for Mildura, and then on to Albury, where our technical installers are based. Stopping only for fuel, the equipment was dropped off the very next morning, allowing for the installation to occur within the project deadline… just!

This perhaps sounds more like an adventure than a technical case study, and that is probably true. Neil and his wife could attest to that better than anyone, from taking in the passing sights of Australia’s varying landscape to witnessing a magical outback sunset on the winter solstice in Broken Hill.

However, it is also emblematic of something else. It demonstrates the NTS Team’s ‘customer first’ attitude and real willingness to do the right thing for our customers. A willingness, you could say, to go the extra mile. That is our mission and adventure every day.

Image Credit: © lesniewski – stock.adobe.com 

*it should be noted that this trip occurred prior to the current COVID concern along the NSW/VIC border