Friday Just Got a Little More Funky

Funky Shirt Fridays

In recent years, we’ve all become increasingly aware of the need for more open conversations around mental health in the trade industry. That is why we launched our Trademutt Funky Shirt Friday (FSF) last month.

Trademutt’s aim is “to encourage meaningful conversations and make an invisible issue impossible to ignore.” But how can we do this? Enter, the Funky Shirt. It lightens the mood, draws attention to mental health and starts the important conversations. Talking about mental health can be difficult; a funky shirt can break the ice. By putting on the shirt every Friday, we are striving to foster a culture at work where we are willing to not take ourselves too seriously, but take very seriously the wellbeing of ourselves and others.

The expectation for our team is not to have all the answers for the sort of mental health conversations that might occur. The idea is to be present and offer a listening ear and some empathy to workmates when they are going through challenges. For conversations that do get into deeper issues, there’s a QR code under the collar of every shirt which links to a number to call for free, same-day mental health counselling via TIACS, the associated not for profit mental health service.

So if you see one of our team at your site in a funky shirt, you’ll know why, and hopefully your Friday will be a little more funky too.

Image Credit: © Radoman Durkovic –