Bridging the Gap

COACH Mentorship Program

In Western Sydney, there are many young people who are disengaged at school, and would rather be spending their days working with their hands than sitting at a desk. They need work, but the transition from school life to the workforce can be a daunting one, especially for those who are entering their first job. To overcome this challenge, we’ve initiated a mentorship program for our new apprentices.

The first step we had to take was connecting with the local youth interested in learning a trade. With the help of the Department of Education and local schools, and by engaging locals directly, we successfully attracted 3 new Telecommunications Cert III Apprentices to our Team.

Then, by partnering with COACH Mentoring, we have been able to provide a mentor for each of our first-year apprentices. These mentors walk alongside our apprentices for their first year, and provide them with friendly support and guidance as they navigate this new stage in their lives.

In the past, any trade apprenticeship scheme has a fairly high rate of attrition, but we’re hopeful with the added support of COACH Mentoring we’ll be able to buck that trend and retain our great young people as they progress through their apprentices and through the ranks on their way to becoming NTS’s next Tradespeople leading teams and running jobs.

We’re thrilled with their progress so far! It’s rewarding to see them grow into young workers gaining life lessons and skills whilst positively contributing to our business.

At NTS, we’re dedicated to our Team; they are at the heart of our organisation and are the most important element. We’re immensely proud of all our great people and our Senior Leadership Team want to take this opportunity to publicly thank each Team Member for their unwavering commitment to excellence, willingness to go above and beyond, and ability to work collaboratively and effectively as a team. They have not only helped us achieve our objectives but also set a high standard for others to follow.

We couldn’t deliver excellent solutions for our customers if not for our excellent team.

If you would like to learn more about COACH Mentoring, you can contact them directly via