Awarded to a Winning Attitude


We all know that education is important. Indeed, it can be an invaluable asset; but without the right attitude, it can only take you so far. Striving for excellence in every endeavour is essential for both personal and professional success. That is why NTS started the National Technical Services Personal Best Scholarship.

Awarded to six students from St Clair High School each year, this scholarship recognises students for doing their personal best, and encourages them to continue working hard and striving for excellence.

According to NTS’s Managing Director, Shane Conlon, he and his wife, Fiona, were inspired to start the scholarship when Chris Presland took over as principal of St Clair High School in 2009. Mr Presland often spoke on the importance of always aspiring to do your best, rather than worrying about being the best academically or athletically. That message aligned with the philosophy of NTS, so Shane and Fiona decided to partner with the school to create the scholarship.

“We do this,” Shane said, “because it’s a good way for us to support and invest in our community, and encourage the next generation.”

In March, the school held a morning tea for this year’s scholarship recipients where Fiona was able to meet and congratulate the students and their parents.

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