How Are You Addressing Bans On Student Mobile Phones?

Mobile Phones

With the recent banning of student mobile phones in schools, schools are being faced with two challenges:

  • How do we store mobile phones safely, remembering some of these phones are worth upwards of $1,000?
  • How do we prevent students receiving their mobile phones back with low battery power, especially if they need to contact their parents or carers?

In 2020, NTS is able to provide a great technology solution to both of these challenges: the Lyte 16 Mobile Phone Single Door.

Mobile Phones

The ‘Lyte 16 Mobile Phone Single Door’ is a lockable cabinet that charges up to 16 mobile devices at once. Equivalent to 16 12W chargers and designed to be mounted on a wall or desk, this cabinet is both adaptable to your space and practical, saving you space and power consumption. The charging ports deliver fast speed charging at the optimum rate of 2.1amps maximum per port. The Lyte 16 MP also detects when the device battery is full and provides ‘trickle charging’, so it never over-charges your devices. The cabinet is powered by a single cable in the wall, removing the need for extension cables and power sockets.

With this technology solution, students’ mobile devices can be safely stored during lessons, without the concern of returning them with low battery levels.

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