A Project We Can’t Talk About


In business, sometimes there are projects that you can’t discuss with others. We completed one such project recently. Whilst respecting confidences and without disclosing specific details, it was a deployment of communications equipment to help bring families together during this rather bleak time. We were so pleased with the result that we couldn’t help telling you about it – without really telling you about it.

It was a lazy Sunday lunchtime in April when our Managing Director Shane Conlon put the call out to our senior managers; we had been urgently engaged to deploy certain equipment to a certain number of sites. Also, a pilot site needed to be deployed the very next day!

The team with its can-do attitude spent the rest of the day and night planning. Resources and site access had to be lined up whilst equipment needed to be procured and distributed.

On the Monday, the pilot system was deployed in a regional area to test the solution. The test went well, procedures and test plans were created, and later that evening the project was approved. NTS was to have one further day of planning, with the main phase of the project scheduled to commence on the Wednesday.

It was a long, tough three days, but, with the help of our contractors and suppliers, we successfully delivered upgraded communications to 23 sites spread right across NSW.

The project went on for a second week at a much slower pace and was completed after just 8 days in the field. The result? Upgraded communications technology in a total of 31 locations, which was making a positive change to thousands of peoples’ lives.

Now that’s a story we’re proud to tell, just one we can’t talk about.


Image Credit: © pickup – stock.adobe.com